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The Geography Department aims to provide a broad, yet relevant, geographical education during Y7, Y8 and Y9. This education develops an awareness of the ways people interact with their environment and enables students to appreciate the differences in opportunities and constraints that people face in different places.  It also examines world scale topics, such as global warming and globalisation.

In Key Stage 4 students study Physical and Human Themes using a wide range of resources.  Work is done in pairs, in groups and as whole class activities.  Students have the opportunity to evaluate sustainable development issues as part of their assessed work.  The course provides a very good platform for A Level and also subjects such as Economics. 


Useful Links

 Geocube  Climate Change  Mission:Explore  Geocaching
 Ordnance Survey
 British Geological Survey
 National Geographic  WWF
 World Atlas  Met Office Geographical Association Environment Agency
 Georesources  CIA World Factbook  CIA World Factbook  BBC Bitesize