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Drama is a powerful way of knowing, which harnesses feelings, thinking and willing an enquiry into the social world. Drama provides a rich opportunity for language development since language is shaped by social role, relationship, context and intention. Drama uses the full range of human signing not merely words, but gestures, actions, spatial relationships, sound, silence and so on. It therefore plays to students’ strengths in reading human interaction.

The department aims…

Develop an understanding of the importance of Drama as an art form in enabling humans to understand the world in which they live

Develop imagination and the students’ ability to ask deep and meaningful questions throughout the creative process

Develop the students’ skills in working collectively, having a sense of responsibility for their work and being accountable for their actions

To allow students to develop informed opinions and to be able to support them by reasonable arguments free from prejudicial intolerance

To participate in a variety of experiences/activities during a unit of work which provides opportunities for students to become actively involved in, such as; role play, listening, writing, discussing, responding, reflecting and evaluating