• Food & Nutrition

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    At Calthorpe Park School, students will develop their knowledge and understanding of nutrition, healthy eating, food preparation, hygiene, cooking techniques, and sensory characteristics. 

    We aim to;

    Give our students vital life skills that enable them to feed themselves and others affordably and nutritiously, now and later in life. (Purpose)

    Encourage the development of high skills and resilience in a safe environment, allowing students to demonstrate commitment and act on feedback. (Determination)

    Empower students to enable them to follow a recipe and substitute ingredients and cooking methods as appropriate, demonstrating an understanding of food choices e.g. Healthy diets, specialist dietary requirements, moral and ethical choices.

    Develop understanding that will allow students to become discriminating consumers of food products, enabling them to participate in society in an active and informed manner. (Responsibility)

    Engage with students to encourage them to understand the environmental factors which affect the inequalities in food distribution on a global scale and give them an understanding of the need to minimise ‘food waste’ starting with their own practise. (Integrity)

    Allow students to explore a number of multicultural perspectives concerning food. Enhancing their understanding of food from a variety of cultural backgrounds through the preparation of food from different countries. (Empathy)

    Our hope is that through the Food and Nutrition Curriculum, students are provided with a context through which to explore the richness, pleasure and variety that food adds to life.